Kimberly Crandall


"Life is short.

Eat dessert first".

- Jacques Torres

Kimberly is a successful children's acting teacher and private coach. She has been seen coaching on


She is featured in Judy Kerr's book "ACTING IS EVERYTHING"

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Kimberly has a real gift with child, teen and adult actors, an ability to pull their best acting out of them while making it the most fun and encouraging experience they can have.  Teaching indispensable skills to create growth and mastery of their craft. She focuses on guiding actors to strive to reach their full potential by instilling the tools necessary AND confidence for them to persevere and always do their best.

Her clients have booked literally hundreds of roles from TV series regulars to major feature films, recurring roles, guest stars/co-stars, commercials and more...

"...From the beginning, Kimberly was very knowledgeable, helpful and most importantly encouraging.  Over the years, Claudia has trusted Kimberly to get her through the initial audition, but most importantly Kimberly has been vital for those callbacks, producer sessions, and ultimately the testing phase".
~ Denise Mirkowski (mother of actress Claudia Lee - Surviving Jack, Kick Ass 2, Hart of Dixie)

"Kimberly is a terrific coach for kids and teens in LA! She is able to help young actors make strong choices and bring their individuality onto the screen and in the casting room where it counts! She is at the top of our young actors coaching resource list as well as our preferred provider of young actors demo reels and taped auditions!!"
Lynda Arnold and Mary Refvem (talent managers - Brilliant Talent Management)

"Kimberly has helped me SO much!  From helping me prepare for auditions, to putting a reel together for me!  She's always there for me and is a great support.  Just from doing my first coaching with her I learned a lot and could tell she really knew what she was talking about.  I've been going to Kimberly for awhile now and I always have success with her help!  She's extremely talented and I don't know what I would do without her."
~ Holly Taylor (actress - FX's The Americans, Billy Elliott on Broadway)

"Kimberly is so genuinely fantastic and nice, and she helps me bring out the flavor in my acting I would never think of or know I had in me! I love her so much!"
~Anjini Azhar (actress - Star Trek: Into Darkness)

"Kimberly is this amazing little powerhouse of Hollywood knowledge all in one incomparably pleasant person. She has a remarkable ability to teach without discouraging, she helps you learn to emphasize your strengths while bolstering your weaker areas, while at the same time training newcomers and pros alike to understand how to conduct oneself in the unique Hollywood business environment. A respected, credentialed actress AND filmmaker with a heart for teaching, those of us who have benefited from her insights are very lucky."
~ James Pitt (actor - Avatar, Close To Home)

"I've been going to Kimberly Crandall now both privately and in group classes for 4 years.  My favorite characteristic of Kimberly as a coach is her speed and accuracy!  Kimberly will watch me do one take and just based on that alone, will already know what homework I've done and what I missed that could better my performance.  She's excellent at articulating what she wants to see; no wasting time with her!  I also really appreciate that Kimberly is a great listener!  Sessions with her aren't all about the coach and their ideas, but a dialogue with the actor about the work.  She's got a big heart and a shining personality which immediately puts me at ease to share my work in front of her."
~Gloria Garayua (actress - Grey's Anatomy, Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives)

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